Grimsley Rose (Full Band) - Photo by Jonathan Newsome-0389 1500
*Photo by Jonathan Newsome

Originally from neighboring towns of each other… Cameron Jayne and Todd Stricklin always had a musical kinship and a willful determination. Each had been searching for musicians that shared those qualities through past bands and projects. Upon meeting, things just clicked and their journey began. Cameron and Todd both had spent the majority of their musical lives in Lexington, KY and when their paths finally crossed, the results were unlike anything out there. Igniting a matchup of noise no one imagined would work.

The idea essentially was to combine 80’s rock with a 90’s flare. Blending the two genres to form something unique. Taking rock guitars, pop sensibilities, open choruses and topping it all off with a driving rhythm section. Grimsley Rose has accomplished what they sat out to do. Now based in Nashville, TN, and Lexington, KY the band has honed their sound and caught the attention of Chris Henderson. Chris is the guitarist of the rock mega group 3 Doors Down and he produced their debut EP titled Truth to Power at Rivergate Studios in Nashville.

While a relatively new band, the musicians within have shared the stage with many well-known acts like KISS, Black Sabbath, Motley Crüe, Papa Roach, Hinder, Buckcherry and Tantric. The members have also played a few of the biggest music festivals in the world; including Summerfest and Ichthus. Building upon their past successes, Grimsley Rose is poised to make some noise and are committed to working their way into the hearts and minds of fans across the world. One ear at a time.

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